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Friday, May 6, 2011

Erynn Mangum

If this author is still a mystery to you, then you are really missing out. I love my kindle and I especially love the free books I can get to try out new authors. I was searching through the books one day and I found the book Miss Match. I started reading this book and I just couldn't put it down. Warning: if you do not like Christian Chic Lit, then you will not enjoy this book. I love dark and deep stories; but, there comes a time when you just need a breezy novel that makes you laugh and fall in love with the characters.

My favorite thing about Mangum's characters is how easily it is to relate. The main character loves dessert and coffee, feels jealousies, struggles with her relationship with God, loves her family and friends, and so much more. Let me remind you, they are very light reads and you won't be able to put them down until you find out how the quirky characters end up growing closer to one another and to God at the same time.

Mangum currently has two series complete: Lauren Holbrook's Miss Match series and Maya Davis' Cool Beans series (my favorite of the two). Now, understand that each book relies on a fundamental Christian principle that the main character needs to learn. For example: lying will lead you down a path of unhappiness and regret and when you finally tell the person you love what you have been keeping from them, it hurts them more than if you told them the truth to begin with. Mangum, however, does not force feed you piety, but gently leads you down a realistic revelation of Christian principle with Scripture sprinkled on top so it enhances the greatness without feeling like you were force fed a sermon.

So, if you want a light read, then you should check out Erynn Mangum's novels. You can read more about her at:

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