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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Tailor-Made Bride

Summary: Hannah Richards is a seamstress who has a dream: to own her own dress shop. When fortune falls upon her, she heads out to Coventry, TX to do just that. Unfortunately for her, she meets a man named J.T. Tucker who believes that fashion leads women down a path of self destruction and the new dressmaker is just leading women into temptation. This book is a journey of a godly woman who turns another man's beliefs upside down, while ministering to all the people who come into her life.

Pros: As you read the book, the characters endear themselves to the reader. It's a smooth read and didn't really get too bogged down with over zealous description.

Cons: Several sections of the book feel like the author is preaching a sermon. The story is very predictable. There are still some loose ends at the end of the novel.

Recommendation: Read this novel with the understanding that you are not reading the next great novel. This book will not win any awards; but it will entertain you and really, what more can we ask from a book.

I knew before beginning this novel, that it would be a short, easy read. So, I wasn't disappointed by the predictability of the storyline because I've come to expect it from most Christian authors. Normally, a Christian book has a purpose and they spend the whole book working toward that purpose. For example, if they want to redeem the main character, then redemption will be what they learn by the end through lots of scripture and prayer and life choices. Sometimes, a book will include every scripture under the sun and then will have some story that flows around that scripture. It can get quite "preachy." This book was not the worst book when it comes to more scripture than story, but it was not the best either. I believe in leaving nuggets of wisdom throughout the book. This book didn't really meet my criteria for this.

One of my pet peeves when reading a Christian Fiction book is the character's prayer. I absolutely despise when the author writes the character's prayer in a book. That can make a book feel more weighed down than anything else. It's understandable that the reader is going to pray, so tell us that; however, please don't tell us word for word what is being said in the character's prayer. I encountered this several times in this book and it always just makes me turn the page; so if Karen Witemeyer meant for me to learn something profound in those portions of the book, then she is out of luck.

This book did develop characters who were easy to follow. They want only what's the best for each of the people around them and really follow the Christian principles. It definitely makes the reader want to continue their journey just to make sure all ends up well for each of them.

This book was a predictable journey, but the characters and simple descriptions make it enjoyable enough. If you like Christian Historical Fiction, then I'm sure you will enjoy this novel.

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